60 – Illegal

The violation occurs at about :04 sec.

This braced flip skill is illegal as performed, but could be made to be legal.

The grip and number of bracers is legal.
It is illegal because the bracer releases the top person too early (see below).
The rule 3.3.5.c allows the top person and bracer to release on the way to a cradle, but the rule stipulates that “the bracers may release the top person once they begin to descend and are no longer inverted.”

This release is happening before the top person is no longer inverted. That’s because of the grip being used by the bracer. If they switched and held the right arm of the top with the right arm of the bracer, and then connected left arms above that right arm connection, it would roll over similar to a side sumi and then she could maintain contact until the top person has completed enough of the rotation to not be inverted. The release basically has to come at the very end, and is intended to allow the top to catch the cradle around the bases shoulders if they want.

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