This is really close to being illegal by rule 3.6.6

ART. 6 . . . A top person must not be in a face-down position between bases in
which the top person’s torso is suspended below the arms and legs.

The only reason it’s not illegal is the word “and” at the end. She is suspended below the arms, which puts her shoulders in a potentially bad position. If the feet were caught higher, or her torso were lower, it would be illegal.

I would consider dropping the arms lower once she rotates, or using a hand grip at the beginning so that she can then bend her arms once she rotates and end up in more of a pushup position.

Switch up, full down and tick tock – all legal

The ending release to a side position is illegal as performed because the back spot releases the ankle while she’s still airborne. They should send that part in by itself for review.

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