3 – Illegal

The stunt can be corrected to become legal.  Your dismount is the problem.  It would cost  you at this point with a legal call.  I will confirm with NFHS.  They are running behind right now so it will take a few days.

On this video, the skills being performed up to the 12-second mark are legal. However, the dismount is not. I don’t know what you are attempting to do, whether you are supposed to land sideways in the ¼ turn like they are, if they are intending to land in a prone, which would be a ½ twist to horizontal face down, or if she just bailed on what was supposed to be a full down to a cradle. You would have to tell me.

They top person currently releases to from a vertical to a horizontal position: [This ruling is based upon the assumption she is attempting to land in a horizontal position.]

 The release from the vertical stunt to the horizontal stunt is illegal by rule 3.5.5, which says that releases must be braced unless they are one of the listed exceptions. A vertical to horizontal release is not an exception.  If one of the bases maintained contact with the top person’s foot the entire time, it could be legal to the face down position because then there wouldn’t be a release.

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