39 – Legal



I actually don’t think it meets the requirements for a swing. 3.6.5.a says “any downward movement begins from below prep level.”  The idea behind that is that there is not so much space to create the speed that risks the top person hitting the floor, especially when we’re talking about the back, tailbone, neck, and head being the part that might hit. You can see that in how close the center one comes to hitting the ground. It would take just one slight slip of the ankles or wrists to have her tailbone hit.

In both of these, I would say that the downward movement is beginning from at or above prep level, especially the center one. In that one, every part of the body other than one foot, and every connection is at or above prep. That’s where she starts going downward. On the right,  it could be argued that the base on the far right is holding the ankles barely below prep, but the rest of the body and all of the weight is at or above. I would at the very least warn them about that version, and if someone called it illegal, I wouldn’t argue with their call.

Someone might be thinking that the stunt that it comes from has to be below prep level, but the rule is about where the downward movement starts. Someone starting in a prep and leaning over to someone else is the same starting momentum as someone starting in a thigh stand and then being driven up to prep level before they start their swing down.

The part where it goes over the original base’s head is actually very legal, since she is involved in that stunt. The fact that she’s part of the skill means that she has awareness of where the top person is. That’s what that rule is about more than anything. If she’s just running under it, she’s never had a hand on the top person to gauge whether or not she got popped higher or lower, as these two stunts show.

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