#255 – Legal



A vertical release is only allowed to go to another vertical skill or to a cradle, and we have interpreted a sitting position as a non-vertical position. Her torso is vertical, but her lower body isn’t.

This is the old numbering, 3-5-5.b.1:

  1. The top person maintains hand-to-hand/arm contact with at least one bracer except for the following:
  2. A non-braced top person in a vertical position at prep level may be released to a stunt at any level provided the top person remains vertical.

So the way I see it, they can land it in a cradle and then proceed to go to the ground, that is legal. If they are landing in a sitting position (not a cradle), then it’s illegal by the wording of the release transition rule 3-5-5.

It looks like they are something in between. As I say in the coaches and officials training, if it’s close but not clearly sitting, then an official “shouldn’t” call it, but if I’m a coach, I don’t want it close enough to make it a judgement call. I’d take it to more of a cradle and get the same effect without risking a deduction. If one of my kids is sitting up too much on the landing (like the girl in the yellow top is very close to doing), it could get called.

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