#199 – Legal/Illegal.



3-3-3:  The first part of this, the roll, is legal.  The bases have her arms which is what makes it legal.

The second part, in the load with one foot down, is legal beacause in my opinion, it’s not inverted.  It’s close, but I don’t consider her shoulders to be below her waist  in the position.

3-3-6e: The third part (:08 mark) where she’s at prep level and leaning over into the needle position, is illegal as performed, but can be fixed. The rule 3.3.6 (e) says that the bases/spotters must maintain contact, and that the contact must be sufficient to protect the head, neck, and shoulders. That has always been interpreted as the bases having some kind of grip or arm wrap around the top person. It’s an action taken by the bases/spottters.  In this case, the bases have not active contact with the top person’s upper body, so I would say this is illegal as performed. Now, if the bases kept one of their arms holding under the shoulder or holding onto the arm of the top person, that would make it legal. In fact, I would consider this to be a static inversion, so only one of the bases holding the arm would suffice, and they have a spotter, which would be legal by 3.3.6(b).

The ending stunt transition would be legal as long as they make the third part legal.

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