#239 – Illegal



The lack of contact is alright, but it can’t go to extension.

First, let’s clarify that it’s not a handspring to extension. It’s a handspring to an inversion, and an inversion to an extension.

Now, a released inversion is allowed, but according to rule 3-3-6, it has to go to a stunt prep level or below.

(P) ART. 6 . . . In all other inversions:

  1. Inversions may release to the following provided there is a spotter:
  2. Dismounts with no more than a ½ turn.
  3. Loading position with no more than ½ turn.
  4. A stunt at prep level or below.


It can land in a prep and pump and go to extension, but it can’t go directly to an extension.


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