#238 – Illegal



At :14, they go from a load, release, and land in either a prone position (left), an inversion (center), or an almost/possible inversion (right).  All of those are illegal as a toss (Definition, Pg 11).

Toss – A release stunt in which the base(s) begin underneath the top person’s

foot/feet and execute a throwing motion from below shoulder level to increase the

height of the top person. The top person becomes free from all bases, spotters,

posts or bracers.

Since it doesn’t go to a dismount, the easiest rule to cite is that this is a released transition, so it has to follow 3-5-5. It has to either be braced 3-5-5(2) or meet the exceptions to (2). It doesn’t meet the exceptions (vertical to vertical releases, or prone to prep level or below releases) so it is illegal.


To make it legal, the top person would need to remain in contact with the bases during the transition.

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