#234 – Illegal



There are a couple of things here that are/could be illegal.  Not necessarily unsafe – just illegal according to how the rules are written and how we’ve interpreted them.

The opening lift releases and then recatches.  It is a non-braced release transition but does not meet the requirements of 3-5-5(b)(1) or (2).  It’s not coming from a cradle position, or a horizontal position at prep level or below. It’s coming from a vertical position below prep level and goes through a horizontal position above prep level before being released and recaught. The way to fix this is to find a way to have someone in contact with the top at all times, either from her starting with her hand on a shoulder and not going so high to begin with, or by having the loader change positions on the leg so that she never has to let go and re-grip.

The stunt they are in before the release to load is either an inversion (barely) or it is a horizontal stunt that is in an extended position. If it’s an inversion, then it’s legal by 3-3-6(a). However, if it’s not inverted, according to the same rule above, they can’t release from it unless it was at prep level. Interestingly enough, if they clearly made it an inversion by bringing the shoulders of the top person down lower, they could release to the load using the inversion release rule 3-3-6(a)(2).

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