#229 – Legal



Ruling One – NFHS and Jim Lord:

The ruling is that there are spotters for the handstand, making that part legal.  Those who are catching the feet can also be considered to be in spotting position until they catch the feet. At that point, they are now bases, and their hands on the back of the top person are sufficient to meet the inversion rule!

Ruling Two:

It appears that this inversion generally meets the conditions of new 3-3-6c.  The only place I see that might be iffy is the beginning; one of the girls who assist the top into the handstand could stay in place a moment longer until top’s center of gravity passes over the base.  At that point, both catchers are in a position to protect.


  1. Inversions where the base of support begins at or passes through prep level:
  2. Require two bases or a base and a spotter.  
  3. At least two people on the performing surface must be in a position to protect the head/neck of the top person, one of whom must maintain contact with the top person’s upper body (waist and above, which may include arms/hands) until the top person is no longer inverted or his/her hands are on the performing surface. The contact must be sufficient to stabilize/control the top person’s position.

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