#210 – Legal.



“3-3-5: Response from NFHS and Jim Lord:

We consider this to be legal, and was one of the types of flips we anticipated when we wrote the rule. The same three people who are bases/spotters in the beginning of the flip are the bases/spotters on the landing.  They can certainly change roles and are expected to do so if it goes from single to double base or vice versa.
The way we have been interpreting this is that on single based stunts, at least one of the bases must be in a legal spotting position the way they would be if it was a freestanding extension. The person on the new base’s right (the hitched leg side) is in position in my opinion. The other spotter needs to be in a general spotting position, but could be in front, for example.

If your rules judge thinks that the person on the side isn’t in position, I think this would be worthy of a warning, but not a deduction. Although she is shaded a little to the front, she is also on the side, which is a legal spotting position for a single based stunt.  H…”

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