#208 – Legal



“3-2-6: The person on the side can be under the foot at prep level. At that point, we consider them to be a base, which then makes it a double based stunt which doesn’t require a spotter. If their hand was not under, then it’s a single base, which does require them to be there as a spotter. The result is that no matter what, two people are all that are needed at prep level, regardless of hand placement.
If that was what they were ruling on, this is legal and they didn’t need to give a warning.
If it’s on the extended part, I can understand the warning, but there’s no need for a penalty. The side base drives up and releases right as the top person’s feet pass the top of the head, becoming an extended stunt. Since she moves from being under the foot to being on the ankle, she now becomes the spotter and it’s legal.”

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