#205 – Legal.



“3-3-6e2: That is an entire misapplication of that rule. It doesn’t begin from extended. There’s an extension, then there’s a pump and go that goes down to prep before going back up. That’s a transition stunt from extension to prep. The next skill is a fold over that starts from prep, and goes through an extended position in a continuous manner, which it can. What it can’t do is begin in an extension that has stopped and fold over from there.
I’ve covered this in our officials’ meetings, that each rule is applied to each skill or transition individually. For example, a braced flip requires spots on the bracers during the flip. If you have two preps on the side without spotters, then two people walk over and spot during the braced flip, then the spotters of the bracers walk away after the top is caught, that’s legal. the spotters don’t have to be there before and after just because of the braced flip rule. The preps are legal by themselves until the actual flip happens, then they are legal by themselves after. …”

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