#202 – Illegal.



“This is not tumbling over a person.  Tumbling stays on the ground and doesn’t go into a stunt. This is a stunt according to the definition of Stunt/Partner Stunt/Lift on page 10.  In order for this to be legal as tumbling, she would have to put her feet on one side, and her hands would have to go to the ground instead of the person like the example at the top of page 79.

See video #139

3-3-6d1: This inverted stunt requires at least one spotter or base to be in a position to protect the neck/shoulder. Your spotters must maintain contact with the flyer while inverted.

3-8-1: This rule says you cannot tumble over a person. The flyer is tumbling on a person in this case. Thus, you must call this under the inversion rule.”

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