#168 – Illegal.



3-5-5:  Release transitions are legal provided the  top person maintains hand-to-hand/arm contact with at least one bracer throughout the transition with at least one bracer.

The definition of a release transition is: A top person changes from one stunt to another (including loading positions) during a temporary loss of physical contact with his/her base(s).  This is a release transition.  Exception: A non-braced tick tock that begins at or below shoulder level is allowed. This is not a non-braced tick tock. It is a prep to a prone.

To make it legal, they can have the backspot maintain contact with a foot or ankle, making it a non-release transition. That would be allowed to go to a two person prone landing on the original bases,

3-4-4: The top person is moved from vertical to horizontal to her stomach maintaining contact with one of the bases and two catchers.

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