#118 – Legal.



3-3-4 (page 18): Braced roll:  To clarify, since this top person is connected to a bracer, the rule that applies is the braced rolls rule (3.3.4).

All braced inversions, including braced rolls, are allowed as general release transitions. The same rule applies to any braced roll in which the top person is braced on one side by a bracer in a stunt, and connected to a person on the ground, whether the ground connection is ankles as in a braced pancake or a hand grip as in a braced suspended roll.

Review the rules covering a flip in the NFHS Spirit Rules; located on page 19 (art. 5).  5A states that the top person has continuous contact with the two bracers who have spots and the bracers are in double based preps. 5b states that the top person shall have at least three people involved who are the original bases or spotters. Flips require a minimum of 12 people to execute them.

The rules about the double bases and no spot do not apply to the flip.  If the stunt is changed to a roll as shown in the video then the flyer can be held by two bases or a base and a spotter (two people – 3-3-4 a and b).  No spotter required on the double based prep.  However, you must change the stunt to the roll. To change to a roll the flyer must have contact with someone on that floor. See definitions of a roll and a flip.

See situations on page 20 that interpret the rule.

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