2019 GHSA Competitive Cheerleading

GHSA Cheerleading Guide notes/updates:

Under “Breaking ties” in the GHSA Competitive Manual 2019 – 2020:  Page 4-3 – A/Step 1.

Under Tie Breaker AL Step 1:  Define “Skills Area” to incorporate the execution scores of Jumps, Standing Tumbling, Running Tumbling, Partner Stunts (Primary and Secondary) and Pyramids.  We need all host to understand that all skills areas/execution scores are added back in on step one of the tie breaker. The execution scores will then be the first step of breaking a tie.

For the whole book:
All pages will be updated when the 2019-2020 NFHS Spirit Rules book is released.  At this time the Manual contains rules specific to the NFHS Spirits Manual from 2018-2019.  We need to ask coaches to please watch for updates in July.